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Elevated Services

Here at From The Roots we offer several Elevated Services. Each service is tailored for each person. An Elevated experience can affect everyone differently, so a very detailed questionnaire is required for each individual attending a service. All attending Elevated services must be 21 or over. We require ID submitted as well as the IDs verified 2 hours before the event. In the case that the IDs are not legitimate and can not be verified the event will be cancelled, and NO refund will be issued and a fine of $200.00 will be owed. If this happens you will be banned from all services offered at From The Roots. 

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Canna Dinner Parties


"Smacked" Down South

Taking it to the roots with this dinner. Starting with Fried Pickles with our homemade elevated ranch.  Main dish is a southern classic, Smothered and "Stoned" Pork Chops, with Mash Potatoes, Black Eyed Peas, served with a sweet cornbread. The end the night with a "Kush" Peach Cobbler.

Mexican With Mary Jane

This dinner starts with Chips, Ganja Guac and Salsa. While engaging in this elevated appetizer, you and your guests may sip on Elevated Horchata. Main course up next with Canna Tacos, Up in Smoke Beans and Rice. To end the evening, everyone can enjoy a Sweet Sopapilla with an Elevated Honey!


Start this dinner with Garlic and Canna Butter Bread, and a beautiful fresh Garden Salad. Enjoy hand crafted "Mocktails". Main course is Ganja Gnocchi with homemade sausage and cream sauce. We will have the most delicious Tiramisu with elevated cream.

Elevated Meal Prep

Meal Prep is a growing service many people are partaking in. We have added an Elevated service to our regular meal prep options.  

Medical Meal Prep

Medical Marijuana has come so far. There are so many conditions that Cannabis can help with. Medical Meal Prep can help with daily symptoms. This service requires weekly meetings and evaluations to ensure proper dosing.

Recreation Meal Prep

You do not have to have a medical condition to enjoy this service. This service is limited to 2 weeks and then an evaluation will be needed for proper dosing. 

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